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99 Words for Boobs

the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

Bill Hicks: A "Must Watch" Interview

Bill Hicks: Quotes

Bill Hicks: Revelations - youtube video


Colbert Roasts Bush - 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

Jeremise Language Translator

Angry Guy (Spam)

Realtime with Bill Maher Web Site

Bob Rivers Radio Show - all the best in musical parody

CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links!

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Concerning Occupy Wall Street - A Letter from Goldman Sachs

CRACKED.com - The Comedy Wesbite & Home of CRACKED Mazagine :: humor, parody, satire and more


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Don't Download This Song - by Weird Al - You Tube video

The Evolution of Dance

Exploiters Helpline

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Funny or Die- funny video, video clips and pics

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KillSomeTime - the internet's largest archive of Funny Videos, Funny Movies, Extreme Videos, Funny Pictures.



Gerbil Mantras

Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings From New Orleans Corpses' Teeth - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

I See Your Camel Toe

I'm The Decider - parody

It's Happening: Top 10 Rapture Bomb Pics

I've Been Sharing Files and Files - WayBack Machine

Jann Karam - Comedian

Jon Lajoie's Channel - YouTube

John Oliver compare student debt to HPV and LBJ's testicles - vox

Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers - "Army Girls Gone Wild" Music Video

Jokes For Free.com - Free Jokes, Funny Pictures and Cartoons

Judy Tenuta - comedian

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Kate Clinton

Louis CK explains historical context to Jay Leno ~ YouTube

Lee Camp Official Website

Legendary One Night Stand ~ Bill Hicks

Michelles Realm ~ Funny Pics

Microsoft TV Dinner

More Cowbellr - Will Farrel on SNL

No Sleep Till White House - Flash Cartoon

Mad TV Parody of 'Lost'

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The Colbert Report

The People's Cube - Political Humor & Satire

PythOnline's Daily Llama

SatireWire - dot.com.edy

Save the Children.mp3 - political activist rant (audio file)

The Fishy Song

The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Mark Fiore

Pat Paulsen for President - He’s back, and still better than all the rest.

Quickmeme - the funniest page on the internet

Radio Free Oz - archive pages

Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In - The Onion

ScrappleFace - News fairly unbalanced. We report. You decipher.

Truther Jihadist Wishes Al-Qaeda Had Committed 9/11 Attacks - The Onion



Tina Fey: - The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize

That's Not Funny - A serious documentary about humor


You Can Touch My Boobies - Rachel Bloom

Will Ferrell - Bush on Global Warming