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Anonymizer Threat Center

Be a Fierce Guardian Of Your Personal Data

Big Brother on a budget: How Internet surveillance got so cheap

Center for Democracy & Technology

Computer Ports: What You Should Know to Defend Yourself


Cryptome Mirror and Search

Cybersecurity Is Framework For Total Government Regulation & Control Of Our Lives - article @ Prison Planet

Cyber Stalkers

Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age

Email Self-Defense - a guide to fighting surveillance with GnuPG encryption

EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources


FBI & DEA Warn That IPv6 May Be Too Damn Anonymous - Techdirt

Feds go overboard in prosecuting information activist - ars technica

Fraud Bureau - Web Fraud and Web Scams Complaint Centre providing Information on internet scams and internet fraud.

Google Circumvents Safari Privacy Protections - This is Why We Need Do Not Track - Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jamster slammed for mobile selling practices - InfoWorld News

House Committee Approves Bill Mandating That Internet Companies Spy on Their Users - EFF

Meet the Firehose Seven Thousand Times Bigger Than Twitter's

Internet privacy - 99wiki

The KGB, the Computer, and Me (Complete) - YouTube

Lawmakers Probe Web Tracking - washingtonpost.com

Mapping_Mal_Web - pdf

Microsoft Malware Protection Center

MIT distribution site for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

Narus develops a scary sleuth for social media - ITworld

On the Identity Trail - Understanding the Importance and Impact of Anonymity and Authentication in a Networked Society

Online Privacy



Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)

Privacy International

Privacy and Technology - American Civil Liberties Union

Privacy Lawsuit Targets Net Giants Over Zombie Cookies

Recommended Practices - Calfornia Office of Privacy Protection

RefHide - Hide referrers | Anonymize Links | Protect Privacy

Revenge of the pop-ups

riseup - provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. We are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our own secure means of communications


Scroogle Scrapper - safe search : no cookies | no search-term records | access log deleted within 48 hours

Spyshakers.com - Access Your Favorite Websites and Passwords from any Computer (with Spyware Protection)

Startup Applications List

The 48 organisations that can see your entire online browsing history - Daily Mail Online

The Matrix Downloaded - Likelihood of Confusion by Ron Coleman:

The Parasite Fight - Quick Fix Protocol

Transponder News

Twitter Knows When You Sleep, and More - NYTimes.com

Web Surfers Anonymous

What is SSL? - ssl.com

``What's Related?'' - Everything But Your Privacy

Wider European Scrutiny of Google on Privacy - NYTimes.com