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Rabble Park is one of the thousand trees predicted to spring up as a result of dispersing ‘Occupy Wall Street’ from their Liberty Sq encampment on November 15th of 2011. Over the next several months more than 700 similar occupations which had sprung up in solidarity around the world in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street were also dispersed. Chopped down torn up by the roots and scattered to the winds by para-military police forces in service of the surrounding local and higher civil authorities.

The grievances set forth in the occupy movement’s founding document, The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, have not be adequately addressed.

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Portland Protest Report 7/24/20

First. Here s a report from July 23rd: Portland Protests Turn Violent After Federal Officers Shoot At Protesters Now yesterday: Judge orders federal agents to keep hands off journalists at Portland protests Last night: When I went to sleep around three AM EST. The federalez had not emerged from the Court House all night. DuringContinue reading “Portland Protest Report 7/24/20”

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