Welcome to Rabble Park

I am excited to be publishing these new web pages for Rabble Park here on this server. to celebrate my new life as a survivor, thus far, of terrible Life threating disease - Bladder Cancer.

In August, after being advised by my chemotherapy doctor to abandon chemotherapy in favor of immediant radical surgery, I sat in my office preparing to check myself into Ohio State Universitie's Wexlar Medical Center to undergo the major surgery to cure my diagnosed Bladder Cancer. My liklihood to survive that surgury was more than 90%. However; I was also aware my liklihood of encountering post-op complications was also high.

My first post-operative complication came as an inability to digest my food properly. This required a secondary operation to repair an obstructive hernia (unsuccessful) and thus another hernia surgury five days later. The second hernia operation appears to have been successful and I was released from hospital Friday, Sept. 16th to my own post-operative care with medical home visits and other oversight.

My surgeon reports all current post-op indications are: I no longer have detectable bladder cancer. Howevr; I have been advised to undergo post-op immunology therapy.

Thanks all who held me here in our One Love.

I had just begun to whimper and to chew on my shirt sleeve.

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