Portland Protest Report 7/24/20

First. Here s a report from July 23rd:
Portland Protests Turn Violent After Federal Officers Shoot At Protesters

Now yesterday:
Judge orders federal agents to keep hands off journalists at Portland protests

Last night:

When I went to sleep around three AM EST. The federalez had not emerged from the Court House all night.

During the time I was watching live video feeds from Portland ( this was last night ) I saw people speaking from some sort of a raised platform. I believe there was a statue behind. It was the same raised platform Portland’s Mayor Wheeler spoke to the crowd from the night before.

I estimated the crowd to number 5,000. Up from 3,000 the night before.

An 8 ft perimeter fence around the entrance of the court house entrance constructed during the day Tuesday remains in place. The face of the courthouse remains covered in graffiti.

The Portland Moms, dressed in yellow, were there at the protest for the third or the fourth night in a row. They stood with locked arms at the front of the protesting throng with arms locked. They remained there throughout the time I was watching as a protective barrier between the armed federal forces and the protesters. Federal forces did not emerge from the courthouse during the time I was watching, but

Here is a report from Koin TV in Portland from later in the night, after I had gone to bed:

‘Shortly before 2 a.m., federal troops dispersed members of the media at an intersection after tear gas was deployed at numerous city blocks surrounding the courthouse, KOIN said. Evidence of pepper balls and other crowd control munitions were found near area streets. There appeared to be groups of protesters clashing with federal police at nearby city blocks.’

Judge Simon had previously ruled that journalists and legal observers are exempt from police orders requiring protesters to disperse once an unlawful assembly has been declared. Federal lawyers disagreed, saying journalists should have to leave when ordered.

I did not witness any of last night’s confrontation between protesters and Federal Agents. I had gone to bed at 3AM EST. .

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