About Rabble Park

I created the my first version of Rabble Park in late 2014 to support the Occupy Movement and while support for the Occupy Movement has not changed, my times, circumstances and overall motivations have. here's what happened.

A year ago this month I woke up with blood in my urine. Over the day day the amount of blood in my Urine increased. I went to the emergengecy in mid afternoon room and, By early evening I was leaving the emergency room with a urology appointment for an optical examination of my bladder The optical examine revealed a nodule and I was schedule with for a TURB. A TURB was conducted and, the uorologist removed the nodule, and the nodule biopsied.

  • You had a low-level cancer, but it was low-grad and I woulnd neep a biological wash of some sorto help prevent re-occurance.
    • advised by my chemotherapy doctor to abandon chemotherapy in favor of immediant and surgery to treat Bladder Cancer in August of 2022, I sat in my home office preparing for my wife of forty-six years and I to check ourselves into Ohio State Universitie's Wexlar Medical Center to undergo the surgery, I knew two things: 1) There Was A One in Ten Chance I Would Die In Surgery! 2) my chances to encounter multiple post-op complications was high.

      My first post-operative complication came as an inability to digest my food properly. This required a secondary operation to repair an obstructive hernia (unsuccessful) and thus another hernia surgury five days later. The second hernia operation appears to have been successful and I was released from hospital Friday, Sept. 16th to my own post-operative care with medical home visits and other oversight.

      My surgeon reports all current post-op indications are: I no longer have detectable bladder cancer. However; I have been advised to undergo post-operative immunology therapy as adjuct.

      and ..that's about it for now.

      Thanks to all who have held me here on this earth in our One Love.

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